• Promoting business, Activate commodity circulation between China & Europe

    Our company was founded in 2002, we currently has two teams in Shanghai, China and Mainz-Kastel nearby Frankfurt, Germany, to root in Chinese and European markets, serve the import and export trade between China and Europe, and provide a full range of services for European products to enter the Chinese market. At the same time, we also provides a complete set of effective solutions for Chinese products to enter the European market.

  • Services

    We provide a full range of services and solutions to boost commodity circulation between Europe and China

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    European SMEs in expanding Chinese market

    To assist European SMEs in expanding Chinese market and facilitating the entry of European goods into the Chinese market.



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    Chinese SMEs in developing their business in Europe

    To assist Chinese SMEs in developing their business in Europe and help them seek European sources of goods and resources.




    Low cost, Low risk, High efficiency


    With full experience and reliable resources, we provides a variety of marketing programs and services for the enterprises from China or Europe to accurately match their marketing needs in different stages and become a new assistant and channel for them to enter Chinese or European market.

  • Company Profile

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    Acquiring golden opportunities and huge demands

    In recent years, more and more small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Europe have perceived the booming opportunities and huge demands of Chinese market and been eager to enter the Chinese market. Due to cultural differences, language barriers, long distances and other factors, they have been unfamiliar with rules of Chinese market, causing many difficulties and uncertainties and being more difficult to put their concepts into practice.

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    Achieving success in low cost, risk and high efficiency way

    Therefore, we have customized many service projects and cooperation models with low cost, risk, and high efficiency to successfully promote their products into Chinese market in a short period of time and achieve a win-win situation. Up to now, more than 20 European brands have been successfully introduced into Chinese market and they are expanding constantly. The products are related to kitchen and cook wares, home textiles, daily goods, hairdressing and care, health maintenance, mother and baby products, nutritious food and so on.